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White collar/Financial crimes are nonviolent offenses that involve theft, cheating, fraud, or dishonesty related to business or commerce.  The more commonly prosecuted white collar crimes are embezzlement, fraud, bribery, employee theft, money laundering, and forgery.  Laws relating to White Collar crime have changed related to both the charges and to their defense. You need Attorney Jonathan Witt, who is familiar with forensic accounting and has strong relationships with forensic accountants. Experts can make the difference between your freedom and your incarceration.

White collar crimes carry severe penalties, including significant jail or prison time, large fines, restitution, permanent criminal record and other life-altering consequences.  Unlike violent crimes, most white collar crimes are prosecuted by specially trained Assistant State Attorneys with experience in these complex matters.  If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a white collar crime, you need to consult immediately with Attorney Witt.

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