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Domestic violence is a broad term that encompasses many forms of abuse. A charge of domestic violence can result in serious legal consequences and a lifelong stigma, even if no physical violence took place.

In the state of Florida, a man or woman can be arrested on a domestic violence charge for hitting, pushing, or interfering with the personal freedom of a family or household member. If no one was physically harmed, and you think the incident was only was a misunderstanding, you must take domestic violence charges seriously. Contact Attorney Witt, a domestic violence attorney with experience and a track record of success.

In order to understand why you may be facing domestic violence charges in Florida, it is imperative to understand how the state of Florida defines domestic violence. While most people think of domestic violence as something that occurs between partners in an intimate relationship, the term can apply to anyone intending to intimidate or cause physical harm to:

  • A family member related by blood (a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or sibling) • Someone he or she may have a child with (whether or not they are currently partners) • A spouse or ex-spouse • A child or step-child • A live-in or non-live-in girlfriend or boyfriend

Another common misconception about domestic violence is that it only involves men committing violence against women. Women also commit acts of violence or intimidation against men, and someone in a same-sex relationship can commit acts of violence or intimidation against his or her partner.

In some cases, an arresting officer might misinterpret the situation (for example, a woman might accuse her boyfriend of domestic violence when she is the one who has been shoving, yelling, and harassing her partner). If you are arrested for domestic violence—whether the charges are founded or not—call Attorney Witt, who will help you understand the charges and prepare a rigorous defense for your day in court.

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