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A family member has been arrested. Now what?

Many of Witt Law’s clients have never been arrested before and never will be arrested again. Being handcuffed and hauled off to jail is a frightening, confusing experience for both for the client and the family. What should I do now? Who do I call? The first thing to do is to get a competent, experienced attorney out to the jail to help as soon as possible. The first hours after an arrest can be critical, especially for the purposes of setting and making bail. First Appearance in front of a Judge usually happens within twenty-four hours of arrest, and this can be the best chance for a quick release. Call Attorney Jonathan Witt today for help and counsel in the first important hours after an arrest.

I’m worried the police are watching me.

Sometimes the police observe a suspect for an extended period of time before making an arrest. Where people go, what they do, and even what suspects throw away in the trash can make or break the State’s case. If you or a loved one suspect that law enforcement is watching you, contact an experienced, aggressive attorney immediately. Call Attorney Jonathan Witt.

What do I do if I get pulled over?

“You can beat the charge, but you can’t beat the ride!” (A police officer made this statement.)

Know your rights. The number one mistake clients who get pulled over make is allowing the police to search your car. Circumstances vary, but typically, the police need probable cause before they can go through your possessions and property. Do not give them permission to take a short cut around the Constitution of the United States of America! If a police officer asks you if he can search your car, say no! He may still search, but at least you retain your rights to fight the search in court.

Be respectful. Beyond giving your license and registration, you do not have to talk to or interact with the police officer. Ask him if you are free to leave. If he says YES, say nothing and drive away. If he says NO, tell him you want your attorney, and refuse to answer any questions. Be polite. You may be arrested and spend a night in jail. Do not argue with the police. Do not curse at the police. Never, ever, ever get physical with the police or invade their space. Respectfully and repeatedly ask for your attorney; refuse to answer any questions whatsoever and your encounter will result in a better outcome.

Should I talk to the police?

NO! You may think that suspects or potential suspects help themselves by talking to a police officer. This only happens in television—not in real life. Keep quiet! Even simple, seemingly innocent comments can convict an innocent defendant. Keep quiet! If anyone needs to talk to the police, have your attorney to do it for you. If the police insist they just want to have a friendly talk with you, they say it’s no big deal and you don’t need a lawyer, the police are tricking you. After you ask for your lawyer, the police should stop interrogating you. Call Attorney Jonathan Witt immediately, and do not answer any of the police’s questions.

Can I make a deal?

95% of criminal cases resolve with a plea agreement. Deal making is an important part of the practice of criminal law. You need an experienced, respected attorney capable of talking to Prosecutors in their own language to get you the best possible deal. Attorney Jonathan Witt is a former Prosecutor who knows exactly what to say and how to say it in order to negotiate a resolution to your case.

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