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What do I do if I get pulled over?

“You can beat the charge, but you can’t beat the ride!” (A police officer made this statement.)

Know your rights. The number one mistake clients who get pulled over make is allowing the police to search your car. Circumstances vary, but typically, the police need probable cause before they can go through your possessions and property. Do not give them permission to take a short cut around the Constitution of the United States of America! If a police officer asks you if he can search your car, say no! He may still search, but at least you retain your rights to fight the search in court.

Be respectful. Beyond giving your license and registration, you do not have to talk to or interact with the police officer. Ask him if you are free to leave. If he says YES, say nothing and drive away. If he says NO, tell him you want your attorney, and refuse to answer any questions. Be polite. You may be arrested and spend a night in jail. Do not argue with the police. Do not curse at the police. Never, ever, ever get physical with the police or invade their space. Respectfully and repeatedly ask for your attorney; refuse to answer any questions whatsoever and your encounter will result in a better outcome.

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