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Federal trial preparation, discovery, and the actual trial itself is unlike the State of Florida’s court system. You need Attorney Jonathan Witt who knows Federal procedures when you are accused of violating Federal Law.

What is a federal crime?

According to U.S. legislation, a federal crime is any violation that:

  • Has been stipulated, by law, to be a federal crime
  • Crosses state lines
  • Occurs on U.S. federal property

 Federal criminal law differs greatly from Florida criminal law.  Federal cases involve more serious offenses than Florida state cases.  This is true when it comes to drug charges or fraud cases.  While criminal law is complex and opens up the possibility for a number of different federal charges, some of the most common federal criminal charges include:

-Mail Fraud                             18 USC 1341

-Money Laundering               18 USC 1956

-Bank Robbery                       18 USC 2113

-Child Pornography               18 USC 1466A

-Tax Evasion                           26 USC 7201

-Kidnapping                            18 USC 1201

-Bank Fraud                            18 USC 1344

-Wire Fraud                            18 USC 1343

-Computer Crimes                 18 USC 1030

-Securities Fraud                    18 USC 1348

-RICO (Racketeering)           18 USC 1961, 1962. 1963

-Weapons Charges                 18 USC 922

-Drug Charges                        21 USC 841

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